Black Bunny Media provides a wide range of video production services from full studio sets to green screen presentations to product demos to action adventure cinema. We work with local crews on a sliding scale to match the budget you have and to create the product you need or want.

Our Services


For Large & Small Companies

We document corporate presentations, produce personnel profiles and corporate marketing videos.


For All Companies

We can run with your concept or provide fresh ideas to create a unique, fun and memorable spot for your business.

Law Firm

Branding & Marketing

We will deliver you powerful visual images displaying your firm's identity, expertise and value proposition.


Food, Products, Toys

Our photography focuses on speed and minimal impact to your business operations, maximizing value for you. 

Virtual Events

Multi Camera Livestreams, Virtual Conventions

Livestreamed events with audience participation and virtual conventions for thousands of attendees.


Have a Story to Tell?

From screenplay to post, we produce feature films and short films for all genres, all budgets.

Music Video

Creative high-energy edits.

We produce music videos for all budgets, all genres, all tracks. Limitations fuel creativity!


Fast, Professional Previsualation

Our in-house illustrator creates custom boards to pre-visualize your projects and can even be turned into animatics.

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities

We document and promote students, faculty and prestigious learning centers around the country.

Business Marketing

World-class videos for small business

We create business profiles, product demos and creator interviews to help promote and market your business.

Real Estate

Have a House to Show?

We produce stunning video walk-throughs, agent introductions and realtor interviews with turn-around times under 48 hours.  


Your Life Your Story

Your stories told for generations to come

The most frequent question we get is, "How much do you charge?"

Everyone wants to know the bottom line: how much will it cost me to get a video created. The answer to that is we don't know until you tell us what your video is all about.

The first thing we do when a potential client contacts us about producing a video is ask a series of questions: What is your video about? Who is your video's audience? When do you expect the video to be completed? These questions are just to start our conversation. We love talking about projects with our clients. We will have many more questions whose answers will help us balance your needs and your budget.

For example, a single camera operator shooting a 1 hour presentation in a classroom will cost less than a small crew setting up an interview with lights and audio. But we always offer as many alternatives and creative solutions as possible so you can be free to decide what works best for you. We've been in the business of commercial creativity for a long time and we often know where to cut corners and can explain why some corners are more difficult to cut. We advise as best we can but every choice is ultimately up to you, our client. So give us a call, send us an email, any time, we love to chat!

Why us?

All Budgets Welcome!

We crew up on a per project basis and tailor everything to your budget. From a single camera operator shoot to a full studio crew with lighting, audio and camera rentals, we do our best to get you the best deal for your product.

Fully Insured

Black Bunny Media carries a minimum production insurance certificate of $1 million and we adjust that upward according to budget, crew, location and additional assets for every production.

Adapt and Overcome

Film and video production is basically a series of artistic challenges, goals and obstacles. We are adept at problem-solving, moving fast and hitting hard. If experience has taught us anything, it's that no project is the same. And we can't get enough!