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Bradley Greenwell is a multiple award-winning video editor and producer. He shot and edited a seven-year run on PBS's Curiosity Quest, he's produced commercials for top US universities as well as fun spots for tech companies, medical groups and national book publishers. He recently won his second Emmy for video editing.

Ignatius Fischer is an award-winning writer, director and cinematographer who started his career in special effects, creating miniatures for movies like Titanic, The Fifth Element and Species II. He went on to write and help produce an independent sci-fi horror film that gained international distribution before writing and directing his own award-winning dark fairy tale feature. He branched out into shooting corporate video, reality TV, commercials and documentaries.

Team Leadership


Ignatius "Fisch" Fischer

director / cinematographer

Favorite Quote

If you aren't winning, you're learning!

Bradley "Brad" Greenwell

producer / editor

Favorite Quote

Feeling lost? Don't sweat it - you're the first to do you!

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Riverside, CA

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