Instead of cancelling your event, pivot to a VIRTUAL event.

In today's environment, many events, from large-scale conferences and conventions to small presentations are just not feasible. But with today's technology, there are ways to create a virtual event that your audience can experience conveniently from their own locations.

In today's environment, many events, from large-scale conferences and conventions to small presentations are just not feasible. But with today's technology, there are ways to create a virtual event that your audience can experience conveniently from their own locations.

What can a live stream do for you and your audience?

Do you need to raise funds? Do you need to produce a virtual meeting? Do you need to connect with co-workers, board members or interact with public or private audiences of 5 people, 50 people, 50,000 people?

Live streaming is rapidly becoming the new way to run business meetings, conventions, panels, Q&As, public performances, presentations, the list goes on. You name it, it's being done live and without people gathering in a single public or private space.

By partnering with Black Bunny Media, you can produce/host a live event that caters directly to your audience. We work WITH our clients to get their messages out into the world on their terms, in whatever ways work best for them. We can provide imaginative ideas or produce to exact specifications. We are here to help you create the best virtual event you can!


Live streaming advantages

  • reach a much wider audience (local-to-global)
  • seamlessly integrate pre-produced video content
  • include live presenters and keynote speakers from anywhere in the world
  • avoid travel and hosting costs
  • archived and re-watchable 

Live streaming capabilities

  • small meetings
  • specific time/date mass audience events
  • multi-day, multi-room style virtual conventions
  • incorporate
    • live auctions
    • secure log ins
    • real-time metrics/audience statistics
    • live, moderated chat
    • fund raising platforms


Virtual Events contain live-streamed content of the event, live video of multiple speakers, live video of call-in guests, keynote content and pre-produced video content all  hosted on a portal that provides audience interaction (if desired) and tracks user engagement.

The full package is customizable and broken down by modules in our quotes so you can pick and choose exactly the services you want, without worrying about being over-charged for services you don't need. We answer all questions to the best of our abilities and we stay as transparent as possible regarding billing, work scope, and client responsibilities.



  • custom URL and landing page
  • password protection
  • branded virtual container (custom web page)
  • AWS web services built to handle any number of viewers
  • custom web development and programming
  • scale services with budget considerations

Content & Production

  • custom content production
    • full service video production with cinematic and commercial directors
    • Emmy-award winning editing
  • text and title overlays
  • augmented reality
  • set design
  • multiple camera angles
    • including wireless roaming cameras and mics
  • live motion graphics
  • content slides
  • live production with cue-to-cue live switching (editing live to the stream)

Attendee Engagement

  • live polling
  • live auctions
  • silent auctions
  • custom chat with moderator controls
  • downloadable files
  • breakout rooms
  • gamification
  • sponsor advertising
  • full-featured social media marketing campaigns



What is the streaming process like?

Our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible. We discuss in depth with you what your needs are for your live stream, including prospective audience, content, required and desired features (such as chat, privacy, custom landing pages, etc). From there we put together a production plan that will outline all of the necessary technology requirements and a schedule of milestones leading up to the live stream date. Some "live streams" consist of only pre-recorded video and live chat for audience interaction, some live streams require full tech rehearsals to insure on-screen talent has adequate internet connectivity and understands the format they will be working with. On the day of the event, we run the live edit while you provide chat moderators (who we help with access and admin privileges) and post-stream we provide all aggregate attendee engagement data and recorded archival content for you to use as you see fit.

How quickly can a virtual event be set up? 

It depends. Each project is different. For example, if you are a single individual who wants to run a one hour live stream event for you audience via YouTube or Twitch, you don't have any additional requirements like embedded video or video call-in persons, that live stream could be set up within a day or two. If your company is putting on a large event for a wide audience with multiple people commenting live with a custom URL and live editing, promo bumpers and multiple camera angles, we might require 1 - 4 weeks to set that all up.

Do you create pre-recorded videos for inclusion in live streams?

Absolutely. Not only can we produce videos for you from start to finish, including interviews and sizzle reels, we also offer editing services for content you provide. We offer motion graphics, royalty-free music and stock footage inclusion as well.

What if I need my live stream to be private and not public?

We provide custom URLs with password protection and we can work with your IT departments to utilize your existing secure networks if that is a requirement as well.