96% of people seek legal advice ONLINE. 


80% of these individuals select law firms based on online video marketing. 


By mixing compelling images with well-crafted, informative storytelling, video can captivate your future clients and  build their trust in your services before initial contact.


Our team of experienced video and marketing specialists will guide you every step of the way, from concept to distribution, making the process enjoyable. But most importantly, our focus is for you to experience the phenomenal growth video marketing can ignite in your practice today and tomorrow. 


Legal Video PACKAGES


GROW Package

Grow by strongly displaying your Firm's image and communicate it's value proposition in a cinematic "Brand" Video. In this 3 to 4 minute journey, we can showcase firm history, mission, team interviews, satisfied clients, case successes, practice approach, etc. All set to music and produced to impress. Together, we will build a Brand video that shines and attracts.

Check out our short brand video.

Starting @ $10,000

RISE Package

Rise and experience the power of producing a "Brand" video along with three 30 sec "Bait ads". These types of Ads are a great way to  capture a viewers attention with a fraction of information presented. Your firm is the expert, let them know  with Bait Ads that contain a powerful call to action. Also with a run time of 30 seconds, Bait Ads defy drifting attention spans and can be used on all internet or TV media platforms, including those that limit duration of content.

Check out our recent Bait Ads.

Starting @ $15,000



THRIVE Package

Here you can Thrive with a Brand Video, three Bait ads and then let us help you get these videos in front of the right eyes! With attention on your business goals, will devise a marketing approach to help you achieve, bottom line. In simple terms, we will create "Funnels"  for your videos that focus on engaging the types of clients and cases you desire. These funnels will  also allow us to track your return on investment. A three month partnership is required to start, but your success is our success and our business goal is to be your video marketing partner for much longer than that. Let's achieve together!

Starting @ $20,000 


As a team of multi-media and video experts we have the ability to produce a number of various projects you may have in mind.  We produce all types of video, cutting edge web design and corporate portrait photography that can be captured in various styles from traditional to modern.


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We will deliver you powerful visual images displaying your firm's identity, expertise and value proposition. Once complete, your project(s) are ready to be marketed via social media, web pages, email, television, or in your office.




What is the video making process like?

Our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible. Once we are hired, your firm will receive a questionnaire. Your answers will help us conceptualize and plan your project as well as develop a marketing strategy (if applicable). Our team will then create a script.  Once your firm has approved this script, we will move forward with scheduling the shoot. Production usually takes two to three full days depending on number of locations and coverage. Members of the firm, who will be seen on camera, will need to be available for shooting days Your firm will be shown the first edit of project and can request simple modifications at that time. Once "final cut" is achieved, your video is ready to be marketed.

How long does it take to produce a video? 

It depends. Each project is different. Approximately speaking, from concept to completion, a video can take anywhere form 2 to 4 weeks. The larger the scale and scope of project, naturally, the more organizing, planning, shooting, editing and overall time is needed.

Do you guarantee a Return on Investment?

We cannot guarantee a return on investment. However,  we are very confident, if videos are marketed correctly, that your firm will not only experience an increase in overall exposure, but a solid jump in sales while attracting the types of clients you want to represent. Your success is our success and we are committed to building a profitable video marketing strategy for you.

What if I do not want to Market my videos?

Essentially, we are here to not only produce your videos, but want to utilize our knowledge, ingenuity and expertise to get them seen. Our goal, is to be your long term marketing partner.
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“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue."
–Andrew Davis