Bradley Greenwell

Bradley Greenwell Founder

Bradley produces and edits for Black Bunny when he’s not accepting Telly Awards for television editing and producing. He has two boys, Radley and Eliott, evil-geniuses-in-the-making.

Ignatius Fischer

Ignatius Fischer Director

Fisch directs for Black Bunny; he used to create miniatures before CG was a thing, now he just yells at actors and stunt people. He also likes Lego and craft beer.

Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon Producer

Brian Dillon produces for Black Bunny when he’s not writing horror scripts or watching horror movies or playing horror video games. He also creates roadkill bone sculptures – no need to send him your own roadkill finds, collecting raw material is half the fun.

Derek Nickell

Derek Nickell VFX Supervisor

Derek Nickell uses all sorts of software and what he calls “boxes” (i.e. “computers”) to create all sorts of cool visual effects (“VFX”). He also collects Lego, macro lenses and, at one time, wrangled penguins.

Jared Moore

Jared Moore Actor/casting director

When Jared isn’t horsing around on Black Bunny film sets, he’s moonlighting as a private detective. Seriously. Hire him.

Holiday Kinard

Holiday Kinard Actress/Writer

Holiday brings both comedic content and comic timing to Black Bunny. Rather than become a how-to-apply makeup personality on YouTube, she chose to become an ex-YouTuber. Good for us (but she is good with makeup – just sayin’).

Holiday Kinard

Kiera Maloney Copy editor/location sound

Kiera photographs plastic toys. And guns. And wrote a western. And graduated from U of M Film School. She hates football yet loves futbol (she’s attended 5 World Cups)!

Blue 8

Blue 8 Stunt Team

Yeah, we work with a professional stunt team – how ’bout dem apples?!

Chase Rivera Blue 8

Chase Rivera (Blue 8)Stunt Choreographer
Martial Artist

Chase and his team coordinate and perform stunts for big studio productions. He seems happiest when either tying an actor to a spring-loaded actor-launcher or designing a deadly ballet of kung fu fight moves. He’s also a veteran of four helicopter crashes (yes, four).

Caitlin Geier Blue 8

Caitlin Geier (Blue 8)Actress/Choreographer

Caitlin has choreographed dance across the country, acted in national spots and feature films and owns a puppy named after the dread pirate Roberts. She’s often seen sporting a rapier and dagger – en garde!